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Alternative Theologies: Parables for a Modern Word

A new approach to the tales, myths, and folk lore that shaped our world hundreds of years ago. You'll find stories that can feed the soul hope and hopelessness in this fantastic anthology - featuring the poems of Jane Yolan and short stories by Jim Wright and Mike Resnick.

Our Recent Books

When Trump Changed

Marleen S. Barr takes readers on a wild ride through space and time. She subjects our president to close encounters with feminist extraterrestrials, alternative Hillary winning history, Godzilla-esque metamorphosis, and lockup in the Phantom Zone—and that is on a good day.

There are so many more great stories in this collection, I can truly recommend them all. If, however, you can only read one, then read “Small Courages,” and let it touch you, maybe bring tears of hope, as you see our world through the eyes of a child and find that we can survive.