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More Alternative Truths: Stories from the Resistance


The Alternative Truths writers and editors (and their friends) return with more unsettling perspectives on what the United States is becoming in 2017 and what it could become in the years to come.

The stories, poems, and essays range from the zanily optimistic to the darkly dystopian. B Cubed Press invites you to join Jim Wright, Jane Yolen, Philip Brian Hall, Bruno Lombardi, Brad Cozzens, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, and others as they explore the future in the era of more alternative truths. FIND OUT MORE.

Alternative Truths


24 of today’s best science fiction writers look into the future to see the consequences of our political decisions.

Find out why this anthology, released 100 days after the current president’s took the oath of office, enjoys a 5-star rating on Amazon.com with more than 85 rave reviews. (One reviewer took off a star for the book being “too realistic.”)

Witch’s Kitchen (ebook)

A companion to Irene Radford’s A Spoonful of Magic (Daw Books, 2017) Witch’s Kitchen is about kitchen magic — the idea that anyone who puts love into their cooking, and makes the kitchen the heart of the family and the home can be a Kitchen Witch.

Recipes from 23 contributors include Almond Lust, Vegetable Pot Pie, and The Perfect Mint Julep. Available through Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and iBooks. B Cubed Press donates all profits from this book to UNICEF.