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Digging Up My Bones

These poems strike deeply into the heart of the pain and joy of being a woman in a patriarchal society, her work speak truth to power in a way that only her heartfelt and stunningly crafted poems can do. In this work Gwyndyn shows us how she has risen, how we can all rise, to be recognized in a world that does not see the unity of our souls, the unity of our pain, and the unity of triumph if we are to to become one.

Alternative Theologies

This book will remind you that no matter what you believe, we make this journey together.
There are poems by some wonderful modern thinkers including Gwyndyn T. Alexander and Jane Yolen, that will explore the nature of our world. Essays by David Brin and David Gerrold that explore the nature of why we believe what we do.

When Trump Changed

This book—the world’s first single-authored satirical Trump-focused short story collection—is a guide to the Trump revenge fantasy galaxy. Barr turns to fiction to move beyond wishing for Trump’s impeachment. She subjects our president to close encounters with feminist extraterrestrials, alternative Hillary winning history, Godzilla-esque metamorphosis, and lockup in the Phantom Zone—and that is on a good day.

After The Orange

This is what happens when 29 of the worlds best science fiction writers turn their talents envision a post-Trump world. What is it like to find yourself being forced to live on a patch of plastic in the Pacific Ocean? To have to say goodbye to your oldest friend and the environment at the same time? This was brought into being with the involvement of Janka Hobbs, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, with stories selected and arranged by Manny Frishberg. 

Anyone who puts love into their cooking, and makes the kitchen the heart of the family and the home can be a Kitchen Witch. 

This is the premise of Irene Radford’s Spoonful of Magic, DAW Books, 11/7/2017. She extends the idea to a FaceBook page, and now a cookbook, chock full of family recipes from twenty-three contributors, many of them writers. From basic to fanciful, ethnic to homegrown, the reader can explore not only new foods, but some of the stories behind the families who generated them.

More Alternative Truths, Released 2017

More Alternative Truths

Everyone loves a good sequel. Exploration defines this anthology. So many of the stories ask what has America become? What will it be in the future? Will it devolve into a Russian style oligarchy, or will we rise to the challenge and use our hearts, our minds and our votes to return to a rational democracy, of, by, and for the people. No one knows for sure. But these top-tier talented authors from around the world, from Philip Brian Hall to Bruno Lombardi to Jane Yolen give us their visions.

Alternative Truths

Alternative Truths was born from the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. The publishers recognize their rights to function as journalists flow in part from the vigilance of groups like the ACLU. For that reason, a portion of the proceeds of this book are donated to the ACLU of Washington to support their unending quest for the freedom of the American people to express themselves.

Released 2017