Alternative Truths

In the best-selling anthology Alternative Truths 24 of today’s best science fiction writers look into the future to see the consequences of our political decisions.

Leading the charge in this highly-praised work is Jim Wright’s “PRESIDENT TRUMP, GETTYSBURG, NOVEMBER 19, 1863,” a side-splitting rendition of the Gettysburg Address  — if Donald J. Trump had given it. This is followed with sensitive parables including “The Trumperor and the Nightingale,” a painfully sensitive look at the price of power. This forbiddingly accurate collection of stories puts on paper the possible outcomes of this time in which we live, where the most powerful man in the world is a bombastic billionaire golf-course developer and reality-TV host married to a foreign super model.

Best-selling writer Lou Berger says:

While some might think that this book is an SJW-fueled collection of rants, with “Libtards” gnashing their teeth and shaking coddled fists at those who have taken away their elitist America, the stories are, for the most part, a carefully imagined series of viewpoints that, ultimately, encourage a return to the kinds of discussions we used to have, back when we were more unified as a country.

Alternative Truths is a book to be read and discussed. As journalist Rick Dunham states in the forward on the role of journalism in these times, “Truth and Fairness are our twin missions.”

The publishers recognize their rights to function as journalists flow in part from the vigilance of groups like the ACLU. For that reason, a portion of the proceeds of this book are donated to the ACLU of Washington to support their unending quest for the freedom of the American people to express themselves.

Alternative Truths is available in print and electronic media from

Electronic ISBN: 978-0- 9989634-0-2

Print ISBN: 978-0- 9989634-1- 9

Editors: Bob Brown and Phyllis Irene Radford

Cover art: Alexander James Adams

Publisher: B Cubed Press

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