Vonda N. McIntyre, Louise Marley, John A. Pitts, Manny Frishberg, Edd Vick, Janka Hobbs, K.G. Anderson, Blaze Ward, Stephanie Weippert, and Debora Godfrey read from the B Cubed Press anthologies Alternative Truths and More Alternative Truths: Stories from the Resistance Wednesday, Feb. 7 at the University Bookstore on the Ave. The readings begin at 7 p.m.

Join these authors as they explore the strange new world of American politics. The evening will include readings from “A Modest Proposal for the Perfection of Nature” (Vonda N. McIntyre);  “Relics: a fable” (Louise Marley); “Letters from the Heartland” (Janka Hobbs); “The Last Ranger” (Blaze Ward); “Tweetstorm” (Edd Vick and Manny Frishberg); “Desperate Resolve” (John A. Pitts); “Non-White in America” (Debora Godfrey); “A Letter from the Federal Women’s Prison” (Stephanie Weippert); and “The Right Man for the Job” (K.G. Anderson).

This is, of course, a great opportunity to buy the books from one of our favorite bookstores — and get them signed. B Cubed Press donates a portion of the proceeds from the anthologies’ sales to the ACLU of Washington.