Gwyndyn T. Alexander

Gwyndyn T. Alexander is a feminist, activist poet. She lives in New Orleans with her husband Jonathan. They are owned by Scout, who is a cat. She is a dick, but they love her. When not writing, Gwyndyn creates fabulous feathered barrettes and headpieces. Her motto is “Be the parade you want to see in the world!”

From our Editor:

Gwyndyn Alexander, is one of the essential poets of our generation. Her poems strike deeply into the heart of the pain and joy of being a woman in a patriarchal society, her work speak truth to power in a way that only her heartfelt and stunningly crafted poems can do. She writes words that only she can write, but when read, they are the essence of the common thread of life that binds us all, they speak of hope and healing, rage and despair, and most of all a call for a just society that values the life, talents, and joys of us all in better world.


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