Joanna Michal Hoyt is a Quaker who lives and works with her family at St. Francis Farm, a Catholic Worker community in upstate NY which seeks to live a sustainable life based on the Gospels and on Catholic Worker principles as an alternative to the consumer culture. Joanna grew up among people whose faith shaped their lives—and led them to very different practices and party orientations. She’s worked and worshipped with people whose lives are shaped by different faith traditions. She’s seeking open-minded and open-hearted conversations about how faith shapes our lives, and if you disagree with what she’s written here she’d be glad to hear from you: write to . Her essays have appeared in publications including Uisio, Friends Journal: Quaker Thought and Life Today, and The Christian Shakespeare; her short stories have appeared in venues including Factor Four Fiction, Crossed Genres, and Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith. For more information see