Larry Hodges is an active member of SFWA with over 90 short story sales, including 26 “pro” sales—14 to Galaxy’s Edge and 12 others, including a recent one to Analog. His third novel, “Campaign 2100: Game of Scorpions,” came out in March, 2016, from World Weaver Press. He also co-wrote a novel with Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn, “When Parallel Lines Meet,” which came out in spring, 2017. He’s a graduate of the six-week 2006 Odyssey Writers Workshop, the 2007 Orson Scott Card Literary Boot Camp, and the two-week 2008 Taos Toolbox Writers Workshop. In the world of non-fiction, he’s a full-time writer with thirteen books and over 1800 published articles in over 150 different publications.