Louise Milton is a writer, social worker, mother of four grown daughters, and a wife with a wife. She has lived and worked in Northern BC for the last twenty odd years. Previous writing credits for fiction are The Home Team which aired on CBC Radio Alberta Anthology in February 1989 and The Birth Circle in Voices and Echoes: Canadian Women’s Spirituality, eds. Jo-Anne Elder & Colin O’Connell, 1997. During her hiatus from writing fiction she established a career in geriatric social work, earned a Master’s Degree in social work, and took on the arduous but amply rewarding journey of guiding four daughters from infancy to adulthood. Currently she works as a manager in Health Care and lives in the tiny rural community of Salmon Valley, ten kilometers north of Prince George. She lives contentedly in a barn-like country home with her wife and three cats including the fierce and semi-feral Samuel Levi who guards the household against the visiting bears. Many times she has thought that this home has been waiting for her all her life and now that she has arrived she can be at peace.