Throughout history, in times of crisis poetry has been an essential tool for resistance.

Some poetry comforts, consoles. It is a vehicle for shared loss, shared fear, shared grief.

Some poetry is a clarion call to arms, an exhortation to find one’s resolve, to take up arms. It is a rallying cry of rage and determination. It stirs the blood, reminds us what we’re fighting, and why.

My poetry is more of the latter sort, with a soupcon of satire, for spice. I think of it as weaponized empathy.

Poets provide voices for those who are silenced, and amplify our experiences so we remember we are not alone. We are many, we are legion, and we are on the right side of history.

Viva la Resistance!

Gwyndyn T. Alexander (1969- ) was born in San Francisco, but moved to New Orleans and never looked back. In 2005, she lost her house and job and her library to the Great Levee Failure. In April of 2006, she moved into exile in Austin, Texas where she currently resides. Her greatest hope is to someday move back to the city that will always be her home, because she knows what it means to miss New Orleans with all her heart. She survived an abusive childhood, and transmuted her experiences into art. She is a fervent supporter of, donating 10% of all book sales to the organization. Follow her on Amazon and be sure to check out her work in More Alternative Truths.