Cosmic Caravans

Feb. 7 note from the publisher: The Cosmic Caravans science fiction anthology has been cancelled. See the Facebook Group, Cosmic Caravans Anthology, for details.

Cosmic Caravans will focus on pre-teen readers. The work will be illustrated.

We are looking for stories or poems that re-enforce strength of character and scientific principles in a way children can relate to. We want to entertain and challenge curious readers to learn more about the universe, life, and the science that makes it all possible. B Cubed Press is putting the science back in fiction!

Your sci-fi story or poem can be funny, scary, somber, mystery, wibbly-wobbly, thriller, or a fantastical romp through time and space. But whatever it is, you should be sure that the stories explains the science behind it. Leave the reader enlightened.

Guidelines + Other Info

● Submissions can range from 300-3,000 words. We’re looking for quality over quantity.
● Stories must be presented in age-appropriate ways. Anything over a “PG-13” rating will be automatically rejected. If Star Trek wouldn’t air it, it’s too risky.
● Fanfiction is not allowed. Sorry/not sorry.
● Payment is $.02 a word, plus a royalties share. Poetry pays $0.25 per line (up to $25).
● Submissions are open from July 1-October 7, 2017. Please allow 2-3 weeks for our editors to review your stories.
● Manuscript format is required. Unsure what that means? Feel free to ask!
● Reprints are accepted.
● Multiple submissions are accepted, however we ask that you notify the publisher if your story is bought elsewhere.
● Cosmic Caravans will be edited by Bob Brown, Cheyenne Brown, and Nathan Ockerman
● Send submissions by email to with the subject line “Cosmic Caravan Submission: [story title].”


For more information, join our Facebook Group, Cosmic Caravans Anthology