51i1Zf7iAWLTo celebrate the book launch, we’ll be blogging about some of folks behind More Alternative Truths. You can see the full table contents here.

Editors Bob Brown and Lou J Berger have been posting some profiles on Facebook. Here are the links, with tantalizing excerpts:

Steve Weddle (“Remembering the Bowling Green Massacre”). His debut novel, Country Hardball, is published in North America by Simon and Schuster. The follow-up to Country Hardball, “South of Bradley,” appeared in the November 2015 issue of Playboy magazine.

Philip Brian Hall (“Conspiracy of Silence”). A former diplomat and teacher, at one time or another he’s stood for parliament, sung solos in amateur operettas, rowed at Henley Royal Regatta, completed a 40 mile cross-country walk in under 12 hours, and ridden in over one hundred steeplechase horse races.

Irene Radford (“Illegal Citizens”). Irene Radford is the daughter of a sailor man who saw the Far East before the skyscrapers buried the mysterious orient in western glass and steel. And the author of the new book A Spoonful of Magic.

Vonda N. McIntyre (“A Modest Proposal for the Perfection of Nature). Very few people, for instance, know that Vonda keeps a large personal menagerie of wild snakes, tame wolves, and cloned dinosaurs, plus a huge mole named Philby that sleeps on the hassock in her office, and a wolverine named Ursula, of which she is inordinately fond.

Melinda LaFevers (“The Healer”). Her father, a sociologist, studied mankind and society for well over 70 years. He was very able to predict the future, based on the past, and his predictions inspired her story.

K.G. Anderson (“The Right Man for the Job”). She’s written about vegetarian restaurants, the final days of the war in Vietnam, Johnny Cash, the drug paraphernalia industry, hazardous waste dumping, travel in Italy, cross-dressing, and how to choose a dentist. 

Susan Murrie Macdonald (“Donald, Where’s Your Taxes”). Inspired by the words of Walt Disney, Toni Morrison, and H. G. Wells, Susan called upon others to join her in the CREATE Initiative. “Sing. Compose. Write. Perform. Draw. Sculpt. Blog. Remind Americans of our better selves. Remember our rights and responsibilities as citizens, lest those rights be washed away.”

More Alternative Truths: Stories from the Resistance is now available in ebook and trade paperback editions.