The Witch’s Kitchen recipe ebook awaits you on Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble, with French Toast Bake, The Perfect Mint Julep, Plum Pudding, Dark Chocolate Zucchini Cake and British Scones (with an Americanized version of the recipe).

Anyone who puts love into their cooking and makes the kitchen the heart of the family and the home can be a Kitchen Witch. This is the premise of Irene Radford’s new book Spoonful of Magic (DAW Books). She puts that philosophy into practice in her companion cookbook, Witch’s Kitchen. It’s chock-full of family recipes from twenty-three contributors, many of them writers (many of the B-Cubed Press writers!). Readers can explore recipes from basic to fanciful, ethnic to homegrown, along with the charming stories behind them.

Recipes include Irene’s own Daffy’s Cupcakes (filled with jam), Mindy Klasky’s Almond Lust, Deborah J. Ross’ Pumpkin Spoon Bread, and Gillian Pollock’s Feminist Biscuits. There’s Beef Stew from Brad Cozzens and Lamb Stew from Rebecca McFarland Kyle. David G. Nordley and Michael Kabongo contribute kitchen tips and tricks.

“Just reading these recipes will make you hungry,” says Bob Brown, B Cubed Press publisher, who contributed his own recipe for Cushaw Squash Pie.

All proceeds from sales of the $4.99 ebook will benefit UNICEF.