Open for Submissions

B Cubed Press is always on the lookout for great short fiction. Please bookmark this page to check for future calls for submissions or follow our blog via email.


2019 will bring us three exciting new opportunities

Alternative Apocalypses

Sure the worlds got to end, or at least your part of it.  What the heck made that happen.  As Rance Cleburne said, never waste a good apocalypse.  Anticipate opening November 12, 2018.

Alternative Bedtime Reading for Progressive Parents

Stories to be read aloud while putting the young ones to bed, short enough to still let you get that glass of wine, interesting enough the little critters will look for more, and sensitive enough to make you comfortable reading them.  Anticipate opening December 12, 2018.


Alternative Truths: Endgame (open)

The third edition of the best selling Alternatives series is looking for stories, poems, and essays that address the theme of Endgame: How will the current political nightmare end? Will it end? Submissions accepted through July 15, 2018. Find out more.


Alternative Theologies: Parables for a Modern Age (closed)

A re-mastering of core biblical themes, modern values, and the ongoing effort to practice the values we teach.  A book that will juxtapose the old and the new in a way that will bring meaningful thought as to what religion means in a modern society.

After The Orange (closed)

The Trump Presidency has come and gone. Has this invoked the Trump Dynasty or has it spawned a return to core values, a hedonistic paradise or what?  What does the post-Trump future hold? Submissions closed December 15, 2017.