* After The Orange is CLOSED to submissions * To see the latest news on the anthology in progress, please visit the Facebook page After the Orange.

After the Orange is an original science fiction and fantasy anthology about the post-Trump world. The editor for this anthology is Manny Frishberg.

The Premise

The Trump Presidency has come and gone.  Has this invoked the Trump Dynasty or has it spawned a return to core values, a hedonistic paradise — or what?  Truly, what does the post-Trump future hold?

What We Want

We are looking for near- or farther-future stories about society as it is after 2032 – at least two presidential election cycles after Donald Trump’s last eligibility. Show us America or the world in a new era; look at world politics changed by US policies and people. Or go beyond.

Your story can present an optimistic or pessimistic, utopian or apocalyptic, vision of the future as long as there is a clear connection to current events and the world in 2017. Political shenanigans would be interesting, as well as romance, spooks, robots and evil overlords, satire or parodies. But remember: the world has moved on. The editors generally favor character- and/or plot-driven stories.

How to Submit

Send submissions in standard manuscript format to m.j.frishberg@gmail.com.  Files can be .doc., .docx, or .rtf.

Deadline: December 15, 2017.

Publication: Spring/Summer 2018

Word Count: 500–5000 words

Pay: US $0.02 cent/word, paid on publication, plus shared royalties